I’ve had five opponents in my first year in the UFC and two of them have now tested positive for doping.

The latest was Augusto Montano, who I beat in Mexico City in June.

It takes about a month for the results to come out.

Of course it was disappointing to hear but it’s great that these guys are getting caught.

On July 1st the UFC brought in new rules and regulations in relation to drug taking.

It used to be a one year penalty for offenders, which would sidetrack your career.

But now it’s three and it would be hard to come back from that.

Personally I’d be happy to see zero tolerance in dealing with this issue.

It’s that serious.

If a sprinter takes a performance enhancing drug it doesn’t directly affect his opponents, but obviously it may affect the result of a race.

However in UFC it can great affect an opponent, simply because it can make a fighter more powerful.

And it can be dangerous.

I don’t understand it. At the top level, an athlete has to be feeling fully confident.

But I reckon that anyone who takes illegal substances means they’re doubting themselves.

That’s what it boils down to.

Cathal Pendred in his middleweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event at The O2 Dublin in Dublin, Ireland

Now the UFC have brought in out of competition testing and that’s a massively positive development.

Beforehand it was only after fights that testing too place and guys were clever, they knew when to stop

taking things to benefit themselves.

That’s gone now and as a clean athlete I’m delighted that these measures have been taken and that there’s a level playing field.

Meanwhile I’ve forced myself to stay out of the gym since fighting in Vegas and got over to London to see friends this week, with a bit of a sun holiday to come.

I needed a break after five fights in just under 12 months and soon I’ll be back preparing for the next one – the Dublin event in October.

They’ll announce the match-ups next month and the hype will start to build.

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